Competitive Advantage

Why we will dominate
At Transient, we’re not content with cookie-cutter – our offering takes smart contract management and execution to the next level – something not being offered in the market today.
Transient will translate existing ETL methods (on-chain or off-chain) into consumable pieces of data and provide you with the ability to automate your operations significantly, in a repeatable, immutable, secure and precise fashion.
Many products in the market provide a platform for developers to create individual smart contracts to facilitate transfer of assets, agreements and a breadth of use cases - we thank them for laying the foundations.
Unlike our peers, Transient offers a zero-touch data-driven workflow that will use your existing data and logical decision points to create the required smart contract in an automated fashion – taking it one step further – once the smart contract has terminated your existing data points will be updated, providing a truly plug and play 360 degree experience.
At Transient, our development and deployment practices are best in class - a clear focus will be creating the capability to deliver high-value use cases incrementally and frequently - developing this way allows our team to continuously inspect and adapt and allow revenue generation as we continue to build - if you’re after a big-bang, that’s not Transient.