Where we can impact from day 1
With the introduction of blockchain (and smart contract) offerings over the years, wide-spread and enterprise adoption has occurred gradually at a staggered rate – this is due to various factors, but one stands out: you’re either all in or you’re all out.
Our market research demonstrates that large scale businesses have two options in commencing their blockchain journey: have a large multinational corporation manage everything for you at a significant price or utilise an existing framework and build your own solution using the various tools in the market – trying to play in a field that you’re unfamiliar with.
That’s where Transient comes in – our offering gives you middle ground.
At the core of Transient, is the continued focus on evolving how DeFi and crypto-based decentralised exchange of data, assets and goods occurs today and intersects with new demands and ways of doing business, away from traditional means.
However, organisations with high-volume transactions, particularly relating to time-bound, agreement or regulatory sensitivity are untapped prime candidates to embrace Transient’s technology, reduce their operational costs and provide surety of data quality – particularly in highly regulated industries such as Banking & Finance, Insurance and Online Gambling/Casinos.