Product Overview

The fun stuff
Forget everything you know about smart contracts today – welcome to Transient – an ecosystem built from the ground up to facilitate and enhance blockchain adoption across every sphere of life.
Freelancers, mum and pop shops and enterprises will take advantage of Transient’s open-source global marketplace connecting the real world to solve old problems with new and emerging technology – and the most secure.
Built upon the Ethereum blockchain - and building towards extending to HECO and BSC - and partnering with leaders in Oracle offering, security auditing and emerging infrastructure, Transient is the one stop shop for the proven smart contract technology behind the game changing DeFi and NFT space, that connects two users entering into a transaction with a trustless algorithmic escrow solution.
Best of all, with Transient’s design-led approach to solving problems we have created an intuitive web 3.0 portal, allowing a ‘choose your own adventure’ style of smart contract management and execution – removing human intervention and the need to understand programming languages – if your team is geared up with Solidity devs then just like you’d expect we cater for that too.
Last modified 1yr ago